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Asphalt Repair

Asphalt Repair at any Depth:
Should asphalt be so damaged that the underlying rock base, also known as base rock, is also damaged, it is recommended that the damaged asphalt section be removed to the depth through the entirety of asphalt depth, into the base rock depth. The existing base rock is then redistributed and compacted to create an even surface in a process that is known as grading. The new asphalt is then placed and compacted for a structurally sound base rock and asphalt surface. This process is usually required for industrial lots that utilize large machinery , trailers or equipment that cause the asphalt to buckle under the weight. Asphalt is only as strong as its section depth and base rock compaction, and therefore both of these elements must be restored to a stronger condition than previous, to prevent further damage.

Asphalt Patching:
Often, only a specific problem area needs replacement and a major overhaul is not required. We provide proposals indicating specific areas in need of asphalt repair, while also providing a detailed map of your property indicating areas of repair and their relevant quantities so the customer knows exactly what their project involves.

Full Depth Repair:
If a large section of asphalt is damaged, it can spread to other areas of your property; the most cost-effective answer is to fix it. We will remove and replace the damaged areas to a depth sufficient enough to restore the structural integrity of the asphalt. This is usually a depth slightly more than the depth of existing damage to the asphalt or equal to the existing asphalt section depth.

Additional Asphalt Repair Services:
- Drainage Improvements
- Grading Improvements
- Root Problems

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